Expanding Existing Healthcare Services

Our business tools and experienced consultants can also support initiatives to expand or renovate an existing healthcare service. This is another way that together, we can help to create targeted healthcare services, from hospital and medical beds, to aged care systems, through to emergency medical services.

Are you certain what you are considering is a good option?

Nampart consultants provide an independent review and analysis of business concepts, helping to identify pros, cons and options. Importantly, we can assist to avoid commitment to a “logical fallacy”.

Importantly, we want to ensure the expansion of your existing business aligns with your vision, is effective and a worthwhile venture.

We partner to ensure success.

Nampart looks after the details, to provide a clear idea of how to move forward without making costly mistakes. Our passion is to ensure the right healthcare service is provided where the service is needed and resources are available to deliver that service, thereby benefiting the community, the care recipient and those investing in the project.

Example of our team’s previous work