New Healthcare Services

Domestic and foreign healthcare operators have a real chance to make a difference with the rising and changing demands for healthcare. It is essential to consider correct and accurate information to avoid costly mistakes.

The benefits of our participation

Nampart assists in the development of a clear idea of its target market and the potential financial outlay and service offerings. Whether it be an aged care facility in regional Australia, acute hospital in remote Indonesia or mobile emergency services in Malaysia, Nampart provides a unique perspective on service design, development and integration within and across communities.

This means that potential investors will have insight into the following:

A closer look

Nampart can develop a comprehensive strategy that hospital developers can follow in order to achieve success. In order to assess development feasibility we look at:

Developing and building healthcare services

Nampart and its team have been working in the healthcare industry for many decades, with proven track record of success that includes, but not limited to;

Partnering with Nampart means our dedicated team of experienced and professional strategists can collaborate use their specialist knowledge to make your project a success.